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Centerboard Group, LLC

Added 1 month ago
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Headquarters: Austin, TX 78730

We are looking for someone to assist our launch efforts and take the reigns on our video and photo content production over the next 3 months. Must be based in Hawaii.

This role will include but not be limited to the following types of work.
• Building creative shot lists for product shoots.
• Scripting overall flow / story boards of videos and keys areas to highlight.
• Vetting photographers / videographers to perform the work.
• Organizing shoots with all parties involved such as Photographers, Videographers, Chefs, Models, Food Stylist, etc...

We are looking at producing content for about 15 new products. The content will include the following for each product:
• Install / Assembly Videos (1-2 min videos)
• Features / Benefits Videos (1-2 min videos)
• Social Media Short Videos (20-30 sec videos)
• Lifestyle Product Photography (Cooking, Luxury Homes, Holiday Themed, etc)

Qualities we are looking for:
• Creative Personality
• Outgoing
• Connections to work with in the Photo/Video realm
• Luxury Brand Experience

To apply: [email protected]

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