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Headquarters: Remote
URL: https://empireflippers.com/

The Senior Full Stack Engineer position is vital to the success of our company, partnering with all departments to align technology strategy with the company’s objectives. You’ll take on the challenge of improving the overall efficiency of Empire Flippers by developing fully fledged platforms, ensuring both the user experience and functionality are elevated to unprecedented levels.

You’ll be responsible for the full software development life cycle, from conception to deployment building high quality, architecturally sound systems. You will use your initiative to design and implement client-side and server-side architecture, as well as implement API’s and integrations that address our business needs. Both our clients and staff will be using the software you write and you’ll be responsible for monitoring system performance and configuring new software and hardware.

To apply: https://empireflippers.com/career/full-stack-senior-level-engineer/

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