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A Migration Advisor takes a hands-on role, transferring businesses from sellers to buyers in a safe and efficient manner. This can be a stressful time for both parties as they near completion of a potentially life-changing deal. It will be your mission to oversee the asset transfer, keep things moving forward and ensure that everyone is in the loop regarding the migration status.

Since this role will have you speaking to buyers and sellers around the world, it can be a bit stressful here and there. You will need to work weird hours sometimes to make sure you can get on the phone with sellers in different time zones. You will also need to be extremely detail-oriented to make sure that processes are followed to a tee.

Not all buyers and sellers are familiar with the technical aspects of migrating a business; you will need to guide them through the process in a clear and logical manner, ensuring all parties know what’s going on. Of course, as in any role, sometimes things may not go quite to plan. It’s at this point that your role becomes most critical; you’ll need to calmly troubleshoot issues and make buyers and sellers feel that we have things in hand.

You will drive all of our migrations through a multi-step migration process. We are constantly refining this process to make the transfer as seamless as possible and ensure that we are in-line with any updates to program terms and conditions. As you become more seasoned, you will be tasked with improving this migration process.

We will train you on how to use the various tools we use to migrate businesses. You’ll also be digging into the backend of websites and learning about the various technical aspects of moving a site. While you don’t have to be a “techie,” having the capacity to learn the technical nuances of the process is a must. You’ll also be exposed to contracts and purchase agreements for multi-million dollar deals. It will be your job to ensure that the migration is conducted in line with the contract.

Finally, on the rare occasion that some form of renegotiation is required during the migration, you’ll run point on that, helping buyers and sellers to reach a point that works for all parties.

To apply: https://empireflippers.com/career/ef-migration-advisor/

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