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Headquarters: Online
URL: https://agentfire.com


AgentFire.com, is looking for a Junior Marketing Manager to help us deliver a new 'Sales Funnel' package that we have just recently created.

We're looking for someone that can work with the client from start to end, which means first getting all of the required authorizations (i.e. getting access to Facebook Page, Ad Account and Pixel, Google Adwords access, and collecting user/pw for the CRM that they use)

Then we have some forms that the client fills out (https://agentfire.com/af-sales-funnel/campaign-collection-forms/) and once that is done, we have an entire process for setting up the campaigns, getting the ad graphics created, etc.


This is an entry-level position starting at $8-$12 based on experience. 


The person we are looking to hire should have the following skills and experience:
  • FLUENT spoken and written English!
  • Experience with Facebook Pages / Facebook Ads / Facebook Pixel / Custom Audiences / Retargeting
  • Experience with Google Ads / Google Remarketing
  • Fast WiFi connection / ability & experience with screen sharing
  • Not afraid to pick up the phone to call a client to ask for something
  • Bonus if you have experience working with WordPress!


We believe that the position will require at least 30 hours per week, but quickly escalate to 40 hours. We generally work EST hours, although you can choose to work any hours between EST and PST (USA) time zones.


As you learn our company, culture, and continue to develop your skills, you will have LOTS of opportunities to grow within the spectrum of what we're looking to offer to our clients in terms of managed Google and Facebook ad services. 


If you'd like to check reviews of our company, please check on Facebook for client reviews, and on Glassdoor for employee reviews

To apply: https://agentfire.com/af-sales-funnel-setup-position/

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