Senior Technical Lead (Haskell)


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Headquarters: Melbourne, Australia


Bellroy’s technology team is searching for a Senior Tech Lead to help us not just to ship features but to ship features from a codebase that’s better than it was last time we shipped a feature - and do this every time we ship a feature. We need you to help us use Haskell as it should be used, not merely as it can be used. Yes, to ship features (we’re not a language research lab and we’re not afraid of a slightly inelegant hack that gets the job done without polluting the codebase) but to be able to look back and see that we used the right abstractions, that our architecture served our business needs, and that we didn’t brute force what we could have finessed. To achieve this end we need someone eager to share responsibility for the architecture strategy of the whole technology team.

At some companies we observe a familiar and depressing pattern: the most technically excellent developers hit a ceiling beyond which they can’t progress unless they start taking on direct “reports”, and becoming “managers”. Given no other options to progress their careers they launch themselves down this path. As they progress they spend less and less time doing the thing that they love (crafting excellent code) while they learn a completely different craft — management — and spend more and more time dealing with people and their problems. At Bellroy we love the people who want to make that transition, but we don’t think that it should be the only path to career progression, and we make sure that we have a technical stream that allows people to keep getting better at programming. This is a role in that technical stream.

The majority of our current codebases are in pure Ruby or Ruby on Rails, but we’ve already pushed our first Haskell codebase into production. We're striving for a headless e-commerce model, and we believe that Haskell has the potential to make us radically more effective developers as we make this transition. We’re looking for a seasoned Haskell developer who can help our seasoned Rails developers skill up while overseeing this transition.


  • Have a solid technical background in Haskell and functional programming
  • Consistently deliver high quality code with strong, well-researched design principles
  • Want a key role in technology selection and architecture, and don’t see people management as the right way to progress in your career (now; you’re welcome to change your mind later!)
  • Get excited about great books and the ideas you can lift from them – technical and non-technical books alike
  • Want to work for a company that cares about doing good things for the world


This is a full-time position and we're open for remote workers. 
A 4-5 hour cross over with AEST business hours is essential. 


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