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Headquarters: Austin, TX

Seeking freelance writers with an expertise in sleep science, product reviews, user experience, diet, health, consumer finance, and more!

We’re looking for skilled freelance writers to work with us on our myriad of client projects. If you like writing, seeing thousands of people read your writing, and working with a fun team that sends you a steady stream of interesting article topics, then you’ve come to the right place.

We're looking for writers in ANY niche, but we especially need writers who can write about:
  • Sleep science and health
  • Product reviews, especially mattresses and related product info
  • Personal finance
  • Retirement planning
  • Consumer credit and debt
  • Keto, Paleo, and other health trends
  • User experience, user research, and usability testing
If you're a great writer who has expertise in other topic areas, we'd love to talk to you, too!

So if you like writing and hate having to constantly look for new client projects, read on.

Who You Are

  • You’re a great writer :)
  • You’re confident working independently, and don’t want to or need to be micromanaged.
  • You’re punctual—deadlines are not options for you.
  • You’re proud of your work. You want to work with us to create articles that will rank #1 on Google and be read for years.

Benefits of Writing with Growth Machine

  • Good pay for good writing. We’re not looking for someone to bang out dozens of $50 articles.
  • A steady stream of projects. Most of our writers have been with us for months, and we constantly send them new client projects. Some of them have stopped writing for other clients entirely since we have so much work to send them.
  • A fun team. You’re not a faceless freelancer, you get to join our Slack and see the kinds of results your writing is driving for the sites its being published on.
  • Learn some SEO, too. We’re one of the leading SEO-focused content marketing agencies, and by working with us, you’ll pick up a lot of our SEO skills yourself.

To apply:

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