Fullstack Dev (iOS + node.js) for an AR startup


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Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden
URL: https://getalter.com

Fullstack Dev (iOS + node.js)

What we’re looking for:
  1. 3+ years of professional experience developing for the iOS platform
  2. 3+ years of experience with node.js and Microservices
  3. You write high-quality and maintainable code in Swift (Objective-C is a bonus)
  4. Strong experience creating and maintaining RESTful APIs with node.js and the serverless framework
  5. You’re passionate about what you do and the products you create
  6. You’re a strong communicator and fluent in English
  7. You can work with at least 4 hours overlap with 9.00—18.00 in the (GMT+1) timezone
We strongly prefer but don't require:
  1. Experience working with any of the following: Unity, ARCore, ARKit, ARFoundation, Shaders
  2. Experience with ML/NN/Computer Vision
  3. Experience working in distributed teams

To apply: [email protected]

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Fullstack Dev (iOS + node.js) for an AR startup 4 weeks ago
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