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Headquarters: Chicago, IL

Current is the first streaming platform that pays you not the other way around. We provide free access to over 100,000 music stations and reward our users for time spent listening. We are working on a new more equitable business model that aligns interests and rewards listeners while also providing more value to advertisers. Throughout the streaming experience, users can opt-in to complete offers, share information, and engage with sponsored content to earn up to $600 per year.

Our goal is to provide a free superior music experience and additional income for the 90% of the world who can’t afford a paid streaming service, by sharing the revenue generated from their attention and personal data. We believe this business model will become the standard in the years to come and will transform the way human attention is measured and monetized.

Role Expectations:
  • Effectively build web applications using Ruby on Rails.
  • Write self-documenting clean code that follows project architecture and convention.
  • Participate in the entire product lifecycle, while focusing on troubleshooting and debugging.
  • Write and maintain unit tests for models and data layer.
  • Continuously follow software development best practices including understanding of code formatting, source control usage, code modularity, and separation of concerns.
  • Work closely with the engineering team to solve technical issues and bring forth best practices.
  • Focus on personal and professional growth. Expect a good amount of autonomy and opportunities to take additional responsibility.

Preferred Qualifications:
  • 7+ years of experience building robust and scalable products including hands-on experience creating web applications with Ruby on Rails.
  • Comfortability with the rspec testing framework.
  • Understanding of common relational database concepts (e.g. tables, queries, foreign keys).
  • Ability to independently use ActiveRecord to write performant queries.
  • Strong knowledge of the core REST standards, including experience building APIs.
  • Clear understanding of differences among HTTP requests (e.g. HTTP headers, POST body, query string, etc).
  • Familiarity with branching/pull requests such as Git and Github.
  • Familiarity of different types of machine/server resources (CPU, memory).
  • Experience with deploying a web application to a server (e.g. using Heroku, Capistrano, elastic beanstalk) is a plus.

  • Work with highly-curated, high-caliber people.
  • Work on a product with a large, engaged, and growing userbase.
  • Competitive benefits package (salary, bonus, equity, and tokens).
  • Unlimited time-off when you need it.

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